2018 Topical Application of Yolk Lecithin Liposomes Reinforces Skin Barrier Function Against Chemical Agents Such as Psoriasis-inducing IMQ and Alleviates Disease Phenotype. Clinical & Experimental Dermatology and Therapies.Lai, R. C., Yeo, R. W. Y., Zhang, B., Koh, M. J. A., Tan, S. S., Sim, W. K., Ang, S. B., Foong, Y. W. A., Ng, M.

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Osteoarthritis (OA)

2021 Mesenchymal stromal cell-derived small extracellular vesicles modulate macrophage polarization and enhance angio-osteogenesis to promote bone healing. Genes & diseases, 9(4), 841–844. Chuah, S. J., Yong, C. W., Teo, K. Y. W., Chew, J. R. J., Cheow, Y. A., Zhang, S., Wong, R. C. W., Lim, A. A. T., Lim, S. K., & Toh, W. S. (2021). Link 2020

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Liver injury

2014 Mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes promote hepatic regeneration in drug-induced liver injury models. Stem cell research & therapy, 5(3), 76. Tan, C. Y., Lai, R. C., Wong, W., Dan, Y. Y., Lim, S. K., & Ho, H. K. (2014).  Link

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Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD)

2018 Mesenchymal stromal cell exosome-enhanced regulatory T-cell production through an antigen-presenting cell-mediated pathway. Cytotherapy, 20(5), 687–696. Zhang, B., Yeo, R. W. Y., Lai, R. C., Sim, E. W. K., Chin, K. C., & Lim, S. K. (2018). Link 2014 Mesenchymal stem cells secrete immunologically active exosomes. Stem cells and development, 23(11), 1233–1244.Zhang, B., Yin, Y., Lai, R. C., Tan, S. S.,

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Drug delivery

2013 Mesenchymal stem cell: an efficient mass producer of exosomes for drug delivery. Advanced drug delivery reviews, 65(3), 336–341. Yeo, R. W., Lai, R. C., Zhang, B., Tan, S. S., Yin, Y., Teh, B. J., & Lim, S. K. (2013).  Link 2012 Exosomes for drug delivery — a novel application for the mesenchymal stem cell. Biotechnology Advances, 31(5), 543-551. Lai,

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Cardiovascular disease

2020 Systemic Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes Reduce Myocardial Infarct Size: Characterization With MRI in a Porcine Model. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, 7, Article 601990. Charles, C. J., Li, R. R., Yeung, T., Mazlan, S. M. I., Lai, R. C., de Kleijn, D. P. V., Lim, S. K., & Richards, A. M. (2020).  Link 2013 Mesenchymal stem

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Basic research

2023 A report on the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy 2022 Scientific Signature Series, “Therapeutic advances with native and engineered human extracellular vesicles” (Toh, W. S., Yarani, R., El Andaloussi, S., Cho, B. S., Choi, C., Corteling, R., De Fougerolles, A., Gimona, M., Herz, J., Khoury, M., Robbins, P. D., Williams, D., Weiss,

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