Exosome: The New Paradigm in Stem Cell Biology

Scientists have recently discovered that stem cells secrete small vesicles known as EXOSOMES to exert many of its regenerative effects. Exosomes are rich in proteins and nucleic acids, and have many functions of a stem cell. But unlike stem cells, they are not living and cannot grow to become unwanted tissues such as tumors.

New Disruptive and Safer Therapeutic for Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell EXOSOMES can be easily harvested, stored frozen and thawed to immediately meet the patient’s need. Patients and clinicians no longer have to wait for stem cells to be harvested and grown or worry if cells would survive the freeze-thaw and transplantation, and if the cells would grow into unwanted tissues.

Proprietary Exosome Technology Platform

Our exosome technology platform covers the full spectrum of production, composition and use that is underpinned by an extensive patent portfolio.

A*STAR Scientists were the first to report that the therapeutic paracrine factor was a secreted liquid membrane vesicle known as EXOSOME.

Therapeutic Applications of MSC Exosomes

MSC exosome represent a new first-in-class drug. Unlike most drugs, it is efficacious against many diseases.

It could potentially transform MSC regenerative medicine from a living cell-based therapy to a non-living vesicle-based therapy.

There are many advantages in using a non-living vesicle-based therapy.


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Platform Technology

Chronic non-communicable diseases constitute the most dominant disease group in the world. In an increasing affluent world with improved sanitation and healthcare, ageing and unhealthy life style are the major causes of illness and diseases. While prevention is still the best policy in managing this health challenges, it is not always possible. Many of these diseases do not have cures but only support therapies to manage pain and prevent further deterioration. At present, the most promising therapeutic option that could offer a more permanent resolution for these diseases is adult stem cell regenerative medicine.

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"Living well with stem cell exosomes"